Term Sheet Battle – Malmo 2012

Thursday, March 1 2012
Moll Wendén Law Firm
Sweden’s first Term Sheet battle was held Thursday March 1st 2012, at the Moll Wendén Law Firm in Malmo. Coming over "The Bridge" from Copenhagen, seasoned VC investor Jimmy Fussing Nielsen squared off against two of Sweden's best and brightest entrepreneurs/angels, Hampus Jakobsson and Carl Silberski.
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Malmo 2012 Term Sheet
Malmo 2012 Playbill & Talking Points

Master of Ceremony and host, David Klose, of Moll Wendén, was able to chime in on corporate and securities law, including certain issues that arose under Swedish law that might not be otherwise apparent to the untrained eye. The event was first class, with appetizers and refreshments before and after the event. The event was standing room only, and no one left disappointed or hungry.
The Entrepreneur: Hampus Jakobsson:

Business angel, strategist and co-founder of TAT ( The Astonishing Tribe)


The Entrepreneur: Carl Silbersky:

Business angel, investor and former CEO for Polar Rose


The investor: Jimmy Fussing:

Managing Partner of Sunstone


The Lawyer: David Klose:

Lawyer and partner at MOLL WENDÉN Law Firm


The Referee: Brad Furber:

Term Sheet Battle


06:00 PM Opening Words 06:30 PM Battle Begins Networking and Drinks
You can download the event materials used during the event here:
Malmo 2012 Term Sheet Malmo 2012 Playbill & Talking Points
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